Coaching & Consulting

Team Strength & Transformation Coaching

Your goal is to increase the performance, the motivation and the engagement of your team, and really every single team member? 

At first, we will explore the individual strengths (VIA institute) and work out ways and strategies to use these effectively. Secondly, we put these into the unique systemic perspective and bring transparency to the dimensions:

- Input (clear roles, goals, relationship & network)

- Process (trust, optimism, supportive management, learning opportunities)

- Output (team performance, wellbeing, innovation)

Finally, we transform your goal with a role out plan and iterate into the new work.

Ready steady go!


Work Engagement Strategy

You are looking for an impactful intervention that prevents burn out and stress? 

The work engagement workshops are an ideal offer for Human Resources / BGM.

We start by working out the different job demands and resources of each individual role with the Job-Demand-Resources Model. Once the transparency is given, we continue and develop strategies and an implementation plan how to positively influence these balance. Next, we increase the motivation and change the perspective with a Job Crafting method. The participants will experience a self-driven and pro-active change management of their daily tasks and their meaning and relationship within the organisation. Finally, work makes sense and contributes to self-worth and engagement.


Positive Leadership Coaching

Become the best boss ever!

Positive Leadership Coaching is designed to unfold the best of the humans you work with and so you will be the best version of your leadership role. Leaders will transform their inner attitude towards their leadership behavior: You are the role model. 


How to create a meaningful work environment and how to inspire people?

Together we will explore  the 4 leadership strategies from Kim Cameron which embody relationship, communication, corporate culture and meaningful work. From there on we will develop a unique & useful path towards your individual leadership role. You will experience how it feels like to be one of the best leaders.