About me

Team approach

We’re a boutique consultancy with a top-tier pioneering team. Strategically connected to the Pioneers Club in Bielefeld, we bring our vast experience and expertise within the field of psychology and management to every team.

Culture is growth

Our work is based on a deep understanding of the organization we collaborate with. We identify their goals and bounds and use that knowledge to co-develop an organisational strategy that boosts the growth ambition.

Change is action

Corporate experience combined with latest research in organizational and positive psychology are guiding principles in our approach, which ensures work-changing and lasting engagement. Put simply, our work gets people collaborating.

Start. Simple.

We start hands-on and equipped with methods and skills to support organizations at every stage and level - from concept to impact, team coaching to efficiency.

Lars Obermeier

Mechanical Engineer &
Organisational Psychologist &
Positive Psychology Coach

Positivity enables your true self to shine

I combine broad experience across global R&D organisations with years of studying positive psychology and organisational psychology, to coach leaders and teams to engage their fullest potential. Using my empathy and leadership as well as impactful interventions, I guide people to be happier, healthier and successful.

Born in Bielefeld, 1971, I studied initially mechanical engineering and see challenges in live and technology from a systemic perspective. Together, we will experiment and iterate new behaviors that drive you and your team towards an alignment between the inner consciousness and the outer framework. This clarity makes collaborating at work effortless: like playing.

Phone: +49 176 22 576 160